Firefly activate!

An intellegent flare





Voice activated the Firefly drone navigates autonomously using cell and radio waves. It gets into range to send messages to the local park serveries as well as selected contacts your GPS location and emergency message. It can also communicate with an app on your phone to lead you to safety.




Designed for the future

With the rapid growth of technology Firefly was designed for the future. Weighing less then two pounds it is small enough to not add to much significant weight to a hikers pack. Constructed out of ABS plastics but coated with starlight insulation it can withstand any elements and carry your signal reliably.




Two way communication

Firefly is also able to communicate with your phone without cell signals. It takes information that it gains from radio and cell towers that may be out of range of your phone and uses either a 2D or 3D holographic map to lead you to safety.