Let's Grow.

Reimagining a beginners approach to gardening



The Grow planter is a new tool for people who want to start gardening. Its purpose is to fill the knowledge gap for people who do not know how to successfully grow a plant. Equipped with sensors that read soil information and give it back to the user through an app, a new gardener can take the information they use growing an ordinary houseplant and apply it to a full scale vegetable garden.






80% of Americans do not garden

I was inspired by the lack of gardening found in the U.S. and wanted to create a tool that would overcome the barriers that prevented people from growing their own food. I found an opportunity to create a product that taught people gardening basics to make the introduction for new people easier and smoother.






Making learning easy

Grow communicates with the user through a simple app interface. The app displays things such as water moisture, levels of important nutrients, how much sun your plant is receiving, and even the microorganisms that live in the soil. It also has a map to plan a watering schedule and general information about whatever plant you have in the planter. 






designed for any lifestyle

Grow comes in two options. A mass produced model with white plastic and brass detail would be sold at any Target or Home Depot. For people who want something more high end they can custom order a model made out of any wood of their choosing wit







An attachable leg system allows Grow to be a counter or table object or a stand alone statement piece. The versatility of size allows it to fit comfortably in any room and fit any environment.