Comfort + Communication

Giving parents the tools they need to travel with an autisitc child



The C2 jacket was designed as an aid to parents who have to travel in clouded urban environments with an autistic child. Autistic children often have difficulty communicating their needs and can easily become overwhelmed in social situations. C2 bridges the gap between child and parent through non-verbal communication and is also equipped with ways to calm a child if they start to feel overwhelmed.





Pockets within the hood allow earmuffs to be easily installed and removed. Loud sounds can easily overwhelm an autistic child and cause a meltdown. This allows the parent to easily reduce the amount of audio stimuli to their child.





under pressure

Pockets in the chest of the jacket open and allow a weight to be added. The weight is then kept in place with magnets. These removable weights simmulate a weighted vest which are proven to ground and relax children making them more aware of their own bodies instead of their surroundings.


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communication breakdown

A pulse sensor on the wrist will cause the linings on the sleeves to glow when the wearers pulse rises. This allows the parent to be able to tell if their child is becoming overwhelmed so they can prevent a meltdown before it begins.